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Methods & tips for child abuse survivors self healing and personal evolution.

It Was My Fault - An Important Pattern For Healing

It Was My Fault - An Important Pattern For Healing

It Was My Fault - I Knew It Was Wrong ...  The great block to energy healing deeply traumatic experiences - and not just for child sex abuse survivors.

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Nobody Believes Me

Nobody Believes Me

Something very difficult and damaging happens when human beings have an experience, try to tell others about it, and these others don't believe a word they say.

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"50 Shades Of Fucked Up" - A Beginner's Guide To Modern Energy Work For Sex Abuse Survivers

"50 Shades Of Fucked Up" - A Beginner's Guide To Modern Energy Work For Sex Abuse Survivers

Working with the energy system is a profoundly gentle and helpful way to help sex abuse survivors learn how to deal with their "extremely personalised" energy systems and understand the cause and effect of their thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a new way. These are the handout notes for energists who may be unfamiliar or afraid to treat sex abuse survivors from Silvia Hartmann's presentation at the 2012 GoE conference.

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Metaphor & Child Abuse Survivors

Therapeutic metaphor work with child abuse survivors is both fascinating as well as intensely challenging. Because the experience of child abuse survivors isn't the same as that of "ordinary" people, likewise "ordinary" or stock metaphors, as you might find in a dream book or such, aren't going to cut it.

This is why child abuse survivors often react so negatively to standard therapeutic metaphors and may come away thinking that metaphor work isn't right for them - when nothing could be further from the truth. You just have to find the right kind of metaphors ...

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Too Broken To Heal? The Challenge of Child Abuse Survivors

I think there is a global and general if rarely spoken out aloud idea even amongst healers that child abuse survivors and especially child sex abuse survivors "are too broken to heal" and all we can hope for is some kind of minor symptom relief. I'd like to firstly, put this idea squarely on the table (and out of the closet!) and secondly, discuss the flaws of that presupposition.

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I'm A Child Abuse Survivor - Where Do I Start?

I'm A Child Abuse Survivor - Where Do I Start?

That's a good question, and for me, there can be only one answer - start by creating your own Sanctuary. This is a safe place in mind and imagination and more than that, it is a starting point to re-connect our human faculties in a whole new way.

Many if not most child abuse and child sex abuse survivors have an outstanding imagination, for the better or for the worse. This can cause problems with hallucinations, visions and nightmares; but when we channel and learn to control our imaginations, we can use this fabulous talent and skill for healing, and so much more besides, it really is awesome. And it starts with Project Sanctuary.

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Events Model: Repressed Memory Of Child Sex Abuse - "Blue"

Events Model: Repressed Memory Of  Child Sex Abuse - "Blue"

The client is male, 32, and has an assortment of problems, ranging from a number of addictions to behaviour and learning disorders, anger management issues, depression, anxiety, nightmares, and "crazy thoughts".

He suspects that he might have sexually abused as a child but has no memory thereof, and is frightened of both remembering, and not remembering.

The practitioner has explained that they will create an events model, an artificial memory and deal with that, as a practice piece and also to get some forward movement into a system that has been stuck and spinning its wheels for the better part of three decades.

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Child Abuse Survivors & EMO

Child Abuse Survivors & EMO

A psychologist wrote to me and asked if EMO was "suitable to use with child abuse survivors".

This is what I told them.

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False Memories & Imaginary Pain - Is It Real?

False Memories & Imaginary Pain - Is It Real?

There are a lot of people out there who were abused as children in one way or the other, traumatised entirely and something happened that made them doubt the reality and validity of their own truthful experience. The classic scenario would be that they were accused of lying instead of someone listening and trying to help. Or accused of "making things worse than they are", or entirely "making up this whole story for attention". Here is a simple and profound idea for a resolution of this bitter (and often frightening) conflict between "real" and "imagined" injuries, memories and pain.

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Heart Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

Heart Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

The EMO Heart Healing meditation came spontaneously into being when I received a message for help from a lady who had been sexually abused as a child and, now in her mid twenties, wasn't getting any better, but worse instead.

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Energy Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

Energy Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

People have a physical body, and they have an energy body. Everybody does, whether they like it or not; and this energy body can develop serious injuries if a person is being mistreated or abused, especially sexually abused, and especially so when this happens at an early age. You can't see "the scars of child sex abuse" on the body, but you can feel them *in* your body - these are the painful emotions, feedback devices that tell us when something is wrong in the energy system.

This being so, energy healing - healing the energy body of injuries and scars - is the only reliable and direct way to change the way a person "feels" - literally.

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