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Nobody Believes Me

by Silvia Hartmann

Nobody Believes Me

Something very difficult and damaging happens when human beings have an experience, try to tell others about it, and these others don't believe a word they say.

Nobody Believes Me -> Nobody Receives Me ...


Something very difficult and damaging happens when human beings have an experience, try to tell others about it, and these others don't believe a word they say.

This is globally damaging to the individual, always, and really difficult to deal with, even for an adult; for children, it is devastating on a deep and profound level.

The effects of this are likewise, profound and can last a lifetime until something is done about it.

In the past, topics such as this were confusing and difficult to deal with or to understand; with the modern energy inclusive paradigm, it's not at all difficult.

People really do have energy bodies, and these energy bodies exchange energy with others. People being a social species, they derive a lot of their energy from interaction with others.

There are times when information - energy - NEEDS to be transmitted, so it can flow and in so doing, relieve pressure in a person's energy system.

People have become used to thinking in terms of "talking about it" to relieve this pressure, but the words over the top are really just the tip of the iceberg.

An energy transmission needs to take place, and it needs to be received to be taken away by another.

When this doesn't happen, as would be in the example of a child who has been abused by a known and trusted adult in the family, comes running home to tell someone all about it, and is shut down, told to shut up or directly accused of being a liar and punished for it, this natural flow is badly interrupted, and these energy forms that should have been transmitted OUT become stuck.

This causes absolute chaos in the energy system, which gets worse and worse over time as more and more systems become affected.

Think of it as blocking a major artery at some point, and the long term effects if this isn't treated.

Time doesn't heal this problem, it just becomes worse.

What has happened in psychotherapy over the last hundred years is that attempts were made to unblock this original blockage by getting the person to talk about it in therapy.

To have them tell the story over and over again, in the hope that eventually, "something" will shake loose and that blockage becomes resolved, and essential energy flow is restored to the system.

Unfortunately, and because this was all focused on "words" it was and is terribly hit and miss, can be horribly re-traumatising and very rarely leads to a clean, profound healing in the long run.

It is also painful and deeply disturbing as a process, and deeply unpleasant to the individual who has already suffered so much.

Modern energy work is an absolute blessing for the problem that arose because "Nobody believed me."

When we start to think in terms of energy body injuries and energy body events, things become so much easier.

First of all, we need to understand that our emotions - the feelings in the body that have no physical origin - are feedback devices from the energy system, and our true, proper 6th sense. 

When a child is abused, or an adult has a very significant experience, something happens to the energy system - it becomes injured and unstable. Where exactly this happens depends on the type of abuse, but the main injuries are usually found in the energy body's genital area, stomach, heart (especially in the case of abuse by a trusted or loved person), mouth and throat, and hands. 

The problem is and has always been that the physical body looks as though it is undamaged; the damage to the energy body is invisible. Yet the person who has suffered this damage can feel it, and they know it is real.

When they are then told that what they are feeling isn't real, they made it all up, it's all in their head and they are not believed by anyone else, this causes immense further stress as "the whole world doesn't make sense any longer."

These original injuries IN THE ENERGY BODY" can be addressed today, and without having to "tell the story of the abuse blow by blow" over and over again, or even at all.

We can simply ask the person first of all, where does it still hurt today? Show me with your hands.

That's the problem right there, and now that we know it is real, that it really hurts - now already, the person is believed, and their experience IS RECEIVED by an other.

It is difficult to overestimate what just this does to a person who was never believed, and never listened to, but most of all, whose attempts at communicating and moving this energy forward and out, were never RECEIVED.

It is the first step in a deep and profound healing process that needs no words at all.

Modern energy work makes no distinction of whether something is imagined, or if it "really happened."

That is completely immaterial.

What matters is only the pain the person feels today, still, and that this guides us directly to the location of the energetic injuries, so that we can FINALLY treat them.

Modern energy work is a Godsent to people who have suffered and suffered and suffered, and all the talking in the world never made it any better.

It is a resolution for something that should have been healed, addressed, done right, all that time ago but never was.

If you are a child abuse survivor, or any kind of abuse survivor, or even just a person who is still in daily emotional pain today, the sort that never goes away and makes life so hard, so difficult, and so impossible at times, I urge you from the bottom of my heart to take a look at modern energy work.

It gives us pathways to forward movement from those frozen, stuck places that never existed before.

Modern energy work - Modern Energy Tapping, EMO Energy in Motion, Modern Energy Healing and SuperMind - is gentle, loving, and most of all, sensible and logical.

We can change the way we feel, we can heal, and we can not just "be heard" but finally, our story, written in energy, can be received.

Perhaps then, finally, lessons will be learned.

With all my love to you,

Silvia Hartmann

October 12th, 2014

Posted Oct 12, 2014 by Silvia Hartmann