Heal Child Abuse - Healing The Scars Of Child Abuse & Child Sex Abuse

For Christian Child Sex Abuse Survivors: The Jesus Meditations

by Silvia Hartmann

For Christian Child Sex Abuse Survivors: The Jesus Meditations

Child sex abuse always produces severe "injuries of the spirit" - actual, structural damage in the child's energy body. However, this is especially pronounced when the perpetrator was supposedly a spiritual teacher or role model. As a representative of God, the relationship between the child and God itself is disrupted and destroyed. The Jesus Meditations are particularly designed to restore that essential connection to God, to spirit - and for Christians, to Jesus. *Full Texts are provided as a free PDF download.

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The Jesus Meditations: The Texts

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Free download of the text of The Jesus Meditations

Please read the texts beforehand so you can be sure you are happy with these meditations.


Please wear comfortable quality headphones

Do not use whilst operating machinery



The First Meditation

Jesus In The Garden





 The Second Meditation

The Forgiveness of Jesus Christ



 The Third Meditation

The Healing Of Jesus Christ




The Fourth Meditation

The Blessings Of Jesus Christ




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Posted Nov 12, 2016 by Silvia Hartmann