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It Was My Fault - An Important Pattern For Healing

by Silvia Hartmann

It Was My Fault - An Important Pattern For Healing

It Was My Fault - I Knew It Was Wrong ...  The great block to energy healing deeply traumatic experiences - and not just for child sex abuse survivors.

After doing Modern Energy work with trauma clients for over 20 years, I have noted a particular pattern that "blocks healing" more than anything else. I call it the "It was my fault!" pattern, because it works like this.

Just before the incident, accident or bad experiences happened, the person in question, and their age is irrelevant, received a strong warning.

This may have been a physical sensation; one client described it as "an awful feeling that made me feel sick inside" or even a voice that said, "Don't do this!" or "Don't go there!" or simply, "No!"

But the person ignored that strong warning and went ahead ... and the terrible thing happened.

Now, that person KNOWS it was their fault.

They are not hallucinating; they are not misguided. It doesn't matter if someone tells them, "You were only X years old, it wasn't your fault ..."

They know absolutely that it was their fault, because they received the warning - and ignored it.


Unless this is dealt with, that person cannot "forgive themselves," or even start to heal properly in Modern Energy Body based treatments.

"It was my fault" is a systemic blocker that creates a barrier between the energetic injury that resulted from the incidents, and any attempts at healing these injuries.

So instead of trying to convince a person who has this systemic block in place that they are wrong, deluded, or stupid to believe that it was their own fault this bad thing happened, we take a different tack.

We acknowledge that there was, indeed, a warning given.

That's the first step.

It's an amazing step as well, it shows that there were parts of that person who read the situation right; that their intuition was online, it was ready to protect them, that their systems were perfect and functioned perfectly.

We can connect not only to the aspect of that time who received the warning, we can understand that the warning was real.

In Modern Energy Tapping, we can use the focus phrase "The warning was REAL."

We can also focus on the physical sensations of the warning, or the words the voice spoke (if any), and work with that.

The second step is to deal with the aspect who ignored the warning, and set into motion a chain of events that is still haunting us today.

We may feel tremendous anger, sorrow, even hatred for that past aspect because of all the suffering they caused us.

This we need to treat and get to a point where we can clearly gaze across time and space and understand the aspect; why they overrode the warning, why they did what they did.

We work with the aspect until there is only love and compassion for the past aspect remaining.

This is the turning point; this unlocks everything else that follows on beyond that moment of decision to go ahead.

Now, the path to treating whatever happened next, in temporal order and sequence, is laid out clearly and we can procede with healing the energetic ravages of the experiences.


In Summation:

Not all extremely traumatic experiences involve the person receiving a powerful warning before the event.

However, when this was the case, there is a hugely powerful block in the way to healing the energy body injuries that were sustained then, and those that followed on because of those events.

When a person strongly feels "It was my fault" we really need to listen, and pay attention.

Re-connecting with the aspects in question is the key to healing in these instances.


Silvia Hartmann

July 2017

Posted Jun 29, 2017 by Silvia Hartmann