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I'm A Child Abuse Survivor - Where Do I Start?

I'm A Child Abuse Survivor - Where Do I Start?

That's a good question, and for me, there can be only one answer - start by creating your own Sanctuary. This is a safe place in mind and imagination and more than that, it is a starting point to re-connect our human faculties in a whole new way.

Many if not most child abuse and child sex abuse survivors have an outstanding imagination, for the better or for the worse. This can cause problems with hallucinations, visions and nightmares; but when we channel and learn to control our imaginations, we can use this fabulous talent and skill for healing, and so much more besides, it really is awesome. And it starts with Project Sanctuary.


When you hear the word "Sanctuary" - what does that mean for you?

Many years ago, I heard Jim Morrison sing:

"Can you give me Sanctuary

I must find a place to hide,

a place for me tonight.

Can you give me soft asylum

I can't take it anymore,

the man is at the door."

And I said, "Yes! I know exactly what you mean, and I know how to do that."

That's where Project Sanctuary got its name, and the ability to truly, find Sanctuary in one's own personal space of infinite mind and imagination is to me the heart and soul, the very starting point to turn one's incarnation around and become free.

It is as simple as to ask oneself, "What is the perfect place in time and space for me, right now?

"What is the time of day? The time of year? What is the weather, the landscape, the vegetation?"

If you answer those questions, one at a time, you create a habitat - an island world in space and time into which you can step, which you can explore, where you can have adventures, find healing or simply go to sleep.

With a First Sanctuary, we also create a house to live in, gardens, and anything else we might want.

This is not "just fantasy" - a habitat is a stable installation you can visit time and time again, and which becomes autogenically real when you practice your six senses inside.

What can I feel? What can I sense? What can I scent? What can I taste? What can I touch? What can I hear? What can I see?

For those who have imagination, and everybody does, whether they like it or not, the Sanctuary becomes very real indeed, and better and better with practice.

But here's the really amazing thing. We don't consciously construct the Sanctuary alone - we do it in conjunction with our energy mind (previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind). So you might find things there but "you" didn't put them there - don't freak out, that's your energy mind at work. It is communicating with you by co-creating the Sanctuary habitat.

If you find something you don't like, you need to deal with it and enter into a Sanctuary story, a back-and-forth movement that eventually brings you on the same page with your own energy mind and when that happens, your learning takes a threshold shift.

In Sanctuary, you have all the magic of all space and time at your command. You can raise and erase mountains at will, plant entire forests and let them grow up in the blink of an eye. You can build a castle, move in, live there for a hundred years and no more time passes than a few short seconds. You can fly, you can do any kind of magic; you can invite friends and angels, saints and prophets, favourite animals, dead or alive to be with you and you can have any kind of object or artefact to play with and to please you - the Sanctuary is your world, not just the world of your conscious mind, but a world that belongs to and is shaped by all of you together and in consultation with each other.

Try it. Have a go. Find yourself a Sanctuary habitat of your own and start exploring it. Use the Classic Game contract and questions:

"Take me to the perfect place in time and space for me, right now.

"What is the time of day? The time of year? What is the weather, the landscape, the vegetation?"

... to create a stable habitat. Step inside it, play and enjoy.

Sanctuary is easy and it's awesome.

That's where I would start if I was going to start anywhere - and in fact, that's where I did start when I was a small child and needed to stay sane, somehow. I'm here, 47 years later still, and from my personal experience I can tell you there's nothing quite like the power of Sanctuary to start us off on a path towards love and logic, and a better life than we ever thought we could possibly achieve.

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Project Sanctuary


Posted Feb 26, 2011