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Shame Cuts A Certain Way

by Silvia Hartmann

Shame Cuts A Certain Way

This is a true EMO case story, involving a policeman, a rape victim, self mutilation and how the understanding of energy exchanges totally transforms the theory and practice of human psychology.

20 Years Of Burning Shame -

The Policeman & The Rape Victim

This is a true EMO case story, involving a policeman, a rape victim, self mutilation and how the understanding of energy exchanges totally transforms the theory and practice of human psychology.

Energy is real. People's energy bodies are REAL. The exchanges between people produces changes in the energy body - for better, or for worse, and that, also, is all REAL.

The thoughts people have as a result of their EXPERIENCES, their FEELINGS, which are ALSO all REAL, are another matter. Without the understanding and recognition of energy exchanges between people, we can leap to the wrong conclusions - and suffer for a lifetime as a result.

Here is a case history involving a policeman, a rape victim and twenty years of burning shame which was resolved in moments, simply using a different method of evaluating a memory, this time, taking ENERGY into the equation.

Whilst working with a rape victim who had many, many emotional and physical issues which had developed over 20 years of suffering following the original attack, talk came to shame and self mutilation.

The person spoke of a sensation of burning shame that was so incredibly painful and so unbearable, that they had taken to cutting their arms with razors and broken glass to take their mind off it and to experience relief from this burning pain inside. 

EMO theory holds that such sensations, feelings are absolutely REAL and that they indicate not just how bad an injury in the energy system is in a direct cause and effect fashion - the more it hurts, the worse the injury - but also where this injury is specifically located.

Whilst working with pure energy healing and intention on the injury in question, they said the words, "Of course, shame cuts a certain way," and at the exact same time, they made a single slicing gesture across their arm, exactly in the same place and direction, where all the old scars were located - and they remembered spontaneously when they had received this particular injury.

The burning shame was not an effect of the rape; it had happened in the police station, whilst they were being interviewed by a middle aged policeman.

"It was horrible," the person said, "The policeman got more and more disgusted and angry at me, and I couldn't not talk because he made me describe everything in detail and it was just getting worse and worse. It hurt so much! That's the first time I felt the burning pain, the real shame."

As the energy healing proceeded, and the person started to sigh with relief and relax, they all of a sudden offered the following insight spontaneously:

  • "OH MY GOD! OH GOD! I ... of course! The policeman wasn't disgusted WITH ME - he was disgusted with the perpetrators! He was just disgusted and angry! At what had happened to me! But it felt at the time he was angry with me, disgusted with me, because I was there, and I got it all!"

The policeman had "broadcast" his anger and disgust at the maltreatment of the poor person in front of him - and the poor person in front of him had RECEIVED THIS INTO THEIR ENERGY SYSTEMS, a broadcast that was designed for the perpetrators.

This caused such a significant injury that the person in question had suffered with burning shame which had never been meant for them at all, but for the perpetrators instead - a form of energetic punishment that simply hit the wrong target.

The person was a victim of "friendly fire" - and it is so sad to consider that the policeman who injured the person so significantly would be totally appalled if he knew what had happened there.

Once the injury was healing, the person said that they held no grudge or anger to the policeman - "He didn't know what he was doing, it wasn't his fault, to some degree I am glad he was angry, and sorry I misunderstood him so badly ..."

The good thing is that the person in question no longer self mutilates; the burning pain of shame is gone, and they have come to a complete cognitive re-evaluation of what happened after the rape and how this played into the whole symptom galaxy they had to deal with after that day.

This is great news.

  • What isn't great news is that WITHOUT THE UNDERSTANDING OF ENERGY EXCHANGES, even as I am writing this, the same forms of toxic, damaging energy exchanges may well be happening in police stations and rape crisis centers all over the world.

It might be happening between loving relatives, between parents and children when a child comes home crying because they've been bullied at school, the parent gets incredibly angry and the child RECEIVES the friendly fire, and makes it their own from that day forth.

It is of THE ESSENCE that everyone who knows about energy and how it affects people in the real world makes all efforts they can to spread the word, to let people know about this, so they can act differently, and protect victims they come into contact with FROM THEIR OWN ANGER and disgust.

The policeman NEVER wanted to hurt the person in the case story; he wanted to help, and if he only known, he could have helped heal the person by soothing them and directing his anger where it belonged.

People on the whole don't want to hurt others, but it happens.

It happens because people simply don't know about energy and how it affects us.

We now have knowledge and experience that can PREVENT those 20 YEARS OF BURNING SHAME - and so much more pain besides.

We have tools and working theories that can revolutionize people's lives - not just that of the rape victims, but those of the policemen, too.

Those amongst us who are used to the "miracles of energy psychology", we need to remember that for the vast majority of people in the world, this knowledge is not yet available, and we must make EVERY EFFORT we can to make it better known.

This knowledge is too valuable to keep under wraps in the "mind body spirit scene" - and there is too much pain being caused by people who want to help which could be entirely avoided.

In the meantime, the research into working energy therapies continues to help make it easy for people - like the policeman - to understand what goes on and to start to see and FEEL for themselves how energy and human energy bodies, and energy exchanges between them, ARE AN ABSOLUTE REALITY, no matter what the scientists of the day might argue about.

As I always say, EMO isn't brain surgery - it is so simple, so direct, so OBVIOUS once you start looking, it's simply amazing that this wasn't spotted before.

Read "The EMO Primer" which explains the reality of the energy body and how it works for people and their emotions in such simple terms, a five year old would understand it.

There is no psychology degree necessary to start seeing the real world and acting on it to make a massive difference - a world that in all truth, does include energy, and without that, simply doesn't make any sense at all.

Silvia Hartmann

December 2008


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Posted Dec 28, 2008 by Silvia Hartmann