Heal Child Abuse - Healing The Scars Of Child Abuse & Child Sex Abuse

Energy Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

Energy Healing For Child Abuse Survivors

People have a physical body, and they have an energy body. Everybody does, whether they like it or not; and this energy body can develop serious injuries if a person is being mistreated or abused, especially sexually abused, and especially so when this happens at an early age. You can't see "the scars of child sex abuse" on the body, but you can feel them *in* your body - these are the painful emotions, feedback devices that tell us when something is wrong in the energy system.

This being so, energy healing - healing the energy body of injuries and scars - is the only reliable and direct way to change the way a person "feels" - literally.

You heal the injuries in the energy body, energy flow increases and pain starts to abate, even the most severe forms of emotional pain, sometimes called psychosomatic pain.

There are all sorts of different kinds of emotional pain, from huge waves that seem to come out of nowhere and sweep one away; fast, furious flashes of uncontrollable anger and rage; pressure that builds and build and that needs to be relieved somehow, even through self mutilation; and all sorts of extreme, debilitating emotional responses to situations, other people find "normal."

The fact is that until and unless you have lived with the emotional disturbances as a child abuse survivor does, you really don't understand what it is like to be at the mercy of these uncontrollable states that hijack the body, mind and spirit and which also cause actions we would never consciously choose to take. This includes beating up on loved ones, turning to drugs and addictions to try and regain some measure of control, cutting yourself with razor blades, and all the many different ways in which child abuse survivors and especially child sex abuse survivors try to regain control over their emotions, their thoughts and their behaviours.

But here is the good news.

Addressing emotional control and emotional healing from the energy viewpoint really works.

It literally changes everything when we stop thinking of ourselves as being totally crazy and irreperably damaged, and instead start to think of the very real injuries we have sustained in our energy bodies and which were never healed.

Our emotions are simply the cries of pain from the energy body; and when we follow these cries of pain, pay attention to them and start to heal them in the right way, to our amazements, our emotions begin to change - we start to feel better.

People are astonished to find that energy work really does affect the emotions so strongly and that anyone who feels emotions strongly can learn to work with them through the energy body, their own healing hands and conscious attention. But it's no magic - apart from energy magic - because the simple theory that emotions are the feedback devices that tell us how our energy bodies are doing is structurally correct and simple to prove.

In EMO we say, "Where do you feel this emotion in your body? Show me with your hands."

Where it hurts, that's where the injury is.

If it hurts in the stomach, that's where the main energy injury is located in the energy body.

If it hurts in the heart, that's where it is.

If it hurts in the throat, that's where it is.

If it hurts in the head, that's where it is.

If all of it hurts, all at the same time, that's where all the various major injuries are and we can take one at a time, the worst pain first, and start with that.

Here is the other good news.

Every person has an energy body, and this energy body doesn't just have injuries, it also has energy hands - these are the mysterious "healing hands."

Healing Child Abuse by energy healing - healing the energy body with the hands of energy

Everyone has them, and we switch them on by consciously becoming aware of them and simply giving the instruction, "Heal this energy injury now!" That is like instructing our "flesh hands" to "Pull out that shard of glass in my foot!" - you  just give the instruction and the rest of you does the rest. You don't have to know which sinew in the top of your shoulder has to be twitched to make that movement happen, and that's the same in energy healing. As long as you can hold the intention that you are healing like with like - the energy body with your energy hands - you just can't go wrong with it.

Child abuse survivors and especially, child sex abuse survivors have multiple original injuries in their energy bodies; and then more problems arise later on as a result of trying to live with these unhealed sores and wounds, and trying to find ways to compensate.

We have thought, talked, dreamed and hallucinated all sorts of things because we didn't know what else to do.

Now, all we have to do is to focus on the real feelings in the body? Where does it hurt the most, right now? That's where we start, and guided by our own feelings and sensations we can start to put to rights what once went wrong, become aware of our own healing hands and the effect that has, and most of all, we get to learn that we're not mad, there are good reasons for why we have felt the way we did, behaved the way we did, and now, things can start to get better, one day at a time.

Energy healing changes the energy body, and in so doing, changes the way we feel.

This is what healing the wounds of child abuse and child sex abuse is all about - helping people to heal, and to feel better. Everything else - behaviour, understanding, forgiveness, even closure - comes after that, can't happen before we address these very real injuries that have made our lives a predictable misery.

If you are already an old "healing hand," start to apply those to the real ereas in your body where you feel the pain of your emotions, it's different for every one.

If you are new to the concept of energy healing, I recommend you start with "Heart Healing For Child Abuse Survivors" - it is really simple, good practice and can get you started on a proper healing journey that will support you, make you feel better and most of all, eventually will change the way you feel about yourself.

Silvia Hartmann

February 2011

Posted Feb 25, 2011