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Welcome To Heal Child Abuse dot com.

 Silvia HartmannMy name is Silvia Hartmann, and I am the chairperson of The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies TheAMT.

I'm a child abuse survivor myself and I've made it my business to find NEW solutions to the problems child abuse and child sex abuse survivors live with daily.

You won't find the standard methods here, nor is this pop psychology - the techniques, methods, ideas and tips on this site are all based on my own research and work with child abuse survivors over the last 30 years.

Many of these are now in use in general emotional healing and energy psychology because if it works for child abuse survivors, then it will also work for all trauma victims, PTSD sufferers, rape victims and accident survivors.

The tips and techniques for the various challenges of the child abuse survivor and child sex abuse survivor are based on The Harmony Program, Project Sanctuary, EMO, EFT and Events Psychology. They are tried, tested and will help you not to "become normal" but to use yourself and all your experiences to evolve in the best way you can, to be a real human being who has gone through the fire and came out the other side, more amazing than they would have ever thought possible.

In this spirit, be welcome to Heal Child Abuse Dot Com - I hope you will find something that inspires you and you will find useful on your path.

Silvia Hartmann

February 2011



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